Comprehensive Solution

System construction

The system is built up by linking all junctions via Ethernet. In this way all advantages of the system are used to the optimum. It is not relevant, where those junctions (PLC), including the software functions, are in the system. The software can be moved shock-free from one control into the other via drag & drop during normal use. This method enables easy maintenance work.

The system itself is independent of the manufacturer, as long as the required interfaces are available. The privileged protocol is Modbus TCP. A great variety of other established communication protocols are also viable.

Communication and system qualities

Communication between the main server, PLC and the client operates via IEC60870-5-104. The PLC is programmed both in IEC 61131-3 and in high level language [C#].

The system’s object orientated design enables rapid planning and plant construction. Because of the system’s quality characteristics, PLC functions including input and output, functionalization, presentation and operation through visualization, trends, database recording and the corresponding service notifications, log book entries and reports for analysis are already set up ready for trial in a complete unit in the course of the development stage and can be replicated from this stage on.


The application is crosslinking the entire system of nodes automatically and accurately. Applications can be operated in PLC-CPUs with Windows operation system (e.g. by Siemens, B&R or Beckhoff) as well as touch panel with Windows. It is also possible to run the entire application on a simple desktop PC. This is very useful for maintenance purposes and system upgrades.


The entire system is based on a database. Backing up and restore installation are therefore simple operations. Backups and installation re-establishments are therefore simple operations.

Networking via Ethernet permits the integration of external systems as well as the realisation of a remote maintenance to all participants in the network (decentralized periphery, data recording server, PLC etc.).

Microsoft applications such as Office can also be used within the system. Data analysis and system parameterisation is therefore possible by using MS Office Excel.

The system has already undergone tests in a high security environment and is redundantly executable.