invilution biogas

Full control over your biogas plant.

ınvılutıon is an intelligent control system and involved in all processes of the biogas plant. From dosing over fermentation to biogas analysis – our system has a watchful eye on your plant in every case.

Our system already begins at the mixing tank and controls the pumping processes as well as the material dosing.

The agitators and the pumping system can be controlled generally by an automatic operation mode. The program will react pro-active on changes in the system. If the temperature in the digester rises, the interval time of the agitators will be adapted. In the case that a fast, manual pumping process is necessary, the priorities will be controlled by the system and the processes will be adjusted.

Process optimization is another important issue. For this purpose the sequence table was developed. Processes can be defined here and will be displayed clearly arranged. The day planner is providing the possibility to make a time schedule for the single processes and thereby ensure that the capacity is improved.

The connection to gas analysis offers effective control of current process quality. Adaptations on the Processes can be induced by changes on measurement values.