ınvılutıon is the automation solution for your environmental facility.

Experience in automation of environmental facilities since 2001 showed us, that the key requirements are usually very similar. There are recurring tasks and wishes. Many of them cannot be realized because of cost pressure. We have given us the task, to create a package of a reusable control system including the wishes. This package can be adapted rapid and simple to the facility circumstances and to the wishes of our customers. Based on an automation platform for tunnel automation we were able to realize this vision.
Our environment is a precious heritage. We should be as careful as possible with it. This fundamental idea is the basis for the development of ınvılutıon .
With ınvılutıon you have full control over the activities on your facility. The data recording functionality is the basis for the calculation of important process parameters.
We provide a reliable and intuitive solution for the automation of you facility. You will be informed over the important process parameters by the clearly structured data preparation.

We offer ınvılutıon for different sectors.

Many facilities in the sectors biogas, water, wastewater and compost were put into practice successfully.