invilution wastewater

ınvılutıon makes your plant fit again.

Existing sewage plants can be brought easily to the most modern technology with ınvılutıon. Hardware independence and modular structure of ınvılutıon enables this in a simple way. Expansions of existing plants can be carried out without great effort with this system. ınvılutıon can be used only as visualization on the basis of existing PLC systems or can replace the whole system if required, without having to make costly changes on the hardware. Of course the whole control cabinet can be changed if this is necessary because of the age or condition of the plant.

Everything continues rotating, your agitators also.

The automatic mode of the agitators in the tanks can be controlled in detail. It is configured in a tailor-made way exactly for your plant. Therefore you can reach the best possible result.

Everything at the right place at the right time. No problem with ınvılutıon.

The transport of water to destined tank is controlled by using the pumping system. These operations can be preconfigured and run automatically. This makes it possible to run the system autonomously.

The mechanical operation are controlled centrally.

Controlling the raking system with automatic cleaning, the sand trap and oil separator is a task of ınvılutıon. If an existing program is connected for this purpose or ınvılutıon takes care of the operation depends on the particular situation.

Oxygen everywhere or what?

To reach optimal conditions for bacteria in the tanks, it is necessary to perform controlled nitrification. The program takes care about feeding the right amount of oxygen into the water to ensure an optimal process.

By means of disinfection on the way to perfect quality.

After bacteria was helpful to clean the water, they are unwanted in a later part of the sewage process. Disinfection is executed for this purpose. The common method is using ultraviolet light to remove the bacteria. With this method the right quality of water will be achieved to call it drinking water.

You need top-level measurement technology to reach the right quality.

Monitoring the water quality is the major task of a sewage plant. To reach this measurements are necessary. We offer proven solutions to give you the control over the processes of your plant. The technology is specially designed for sewage plants and provide the best possible results.

Your data in the right report.

Operators of sewage plants have to prove the test results regularly. For this purpose test result reports are generated. They can be perfectly adjusted to suit the requirements of the operator. We are always glad to provide you with help and advice to create new reports. The most common reports are predefined for you in ınvılutıon.