invilution water

Your plant could need a retreading?

If your plant was operating for many years and the automation is at the end of usability, the plant should be brought to the most modern state-of-the-art technology. In this way your plant can remain in use over a long term. This is the idea of retrofit. ınvılutıon is perfect for these requirements. Many hardware elements can be adopted from the existing system if so desired. The connection to various systems is possible. Thus the system ınvılutıon is perfectly suited for retrofit of existing plants.

All pumping processes of your plant are stored in the program.

To pump water from one tank to the other at the right time automatic operations are essential. By using the pump control system these processes can be defined in detail and the smooth operation of your plant is preprogramed.

Your way to water quality.

Filter systems are regulated optimally and back wash operations are carried out automatically if necessary. By using different types of filtration, which are tailored to the particular water characteristics, an important step forward for drinking water quality is marked.

The filters of your plant have to be cleaned also. Quite simple with the back wash function.

After some time more and more impurities are gathered in the filters and make certain that they are not working properly anymore. The back wash function was developed to prevent this. The flow is reversed as part of a controlled process and the filter is rinsed with water from the other side. As a result these deposits break away and the filters are cleaned. The filters of your plant will remain functional for a long term if the back wash function is executed periodically.

Always the right amount on the right place.

The control of chemical dosing is executed operation optimized by ınvılutıon. No waste of expensive chemicals and still generating the the best water quality is the main task of ınvılutıon.

No water should be wasted. Therefore use the drainage system of ınvılutıon.

The purity of water can be reached by various processes. The drainage system is used to remove impuritites from the water. Only sludge will remain which can be used for other purposes afterwards.

Clean water is a vital good and disinfection is a main part of the process.

Disinfection can be carried out on various ways. The most common is to us ultraviolet light to remove unwanted bacteria. This ensures a significant rise of water quality.

All values at a glance with ınvılutıon.

The whole measurement technology of the plant is controlled by ınvılutıon. If maintenance is necessary, ınvılutıon will inform you in time. We can carry out the maintenance of course.