This function provides a smooth plant operation. Defects have never been detected and removed as fast and uncomplicated as now.

Clear recording of all steps in the workflow and comprehensible defect treatment are the main features of the log book. The user derives benefit from this function especially during start-up and maintenance.

Responsible employees get automatically informed via Email or SMS when entries are done in the log book. Those entries can be made automatically (e.g. during maintenance) or manually by an employee (e.g. because of a technical defect).

The user experiences an easy leadership of the log book.

Safe and clear maintenance without any interruption.

The user experiences an uncomplicated maintenance, because every object is defined by a certain maintenance interval. At maintenance time, information will occur automatically („maintenance necessary“) and the responsible employee will get informed immediately. After the maintenance is done, another entry will be recorded in the plant construction.

Maintenance gets even easier by leaving supportive documents as well as checklists in the system. Additionally all approaching maintenance work can be found in a list for creating the most efficient maintenance process.

To guarantee the safety during maintenance, all management functions will be moved from one PLC into another via drag-and-drop. The new control takes over all functions of the control which needs to get maintenance done.