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After installing, starting and testing the system at our head office, all interfaces (e.g. inputs, outputs, etc.) are marked as „defective“ in the plant construction. In the course of the start-up, every single I/O-function gets controlled and marked as „corrected“. This provides a comprehensive documentation of the start-up as well as the inspection of the current status.

Thereby a continuous documentation is given and a survey of the actual state of commissioning is possible at any time.

The entire test of the software functions at our office guarantees the minimization of time during the start-up. Only cabling, testing the aggregates and setting the parameters need to be done on-location.

By request, employees can be included in the start-up process as part of the training measure. Mechanics and electricians, for example, can leave their mobile numbers in the system. When establishing a mechanic defect, those responsible people will get informed immediately.