invilution biogas

Bio solid or liquid feeder – fast, uncomplicated and especially controlled.

All solid or liquid material will be blended in the mixing tank to ensure optimal material conditions. Afterwards the material is transported to the digester. ınvılutıon is controlling not only the parameters for accompanied pumping processes, but it also optimizes the material dosing cyclically or on the base of a predefined amount per day.

Best conditions for best material.

The material is heated up and constantly mixed in the digester. In this way biogas is produced, which is collected in the gas storage. ınvılutıon takes care over optimized material mixing during the whole process. The system controls the temperature in the tank and the agitators will run in interval mode. Additionally the speed is regulated so that the agitators will run under energy-optimizing conditions.

Discover all the possibilities offered by ınvılutıon.

A pumping system is the heart circulation system of a biogas plant. The material is fedinto the process, transferred from one tank to another and extracted, within an extensive network of pipes. The system gives an overview about the actual state and any faults are displayed clearly. The processes can be scheduled, but also a rapid, manual pumping process is no problem. ınvılutıon takes care about the priorities.

Your tool for process planning.

You want to plan the processes to make the activities of your plant more efficient and to optimize the operation?

What is the advantage of using the sequence table? In the sequence table all operations of a process are defined and clearly displayed. This is an essential part of process planning, because it is the base for the day planner. Simply store all involved actuators of a process. ınvılutıon stores these parameters as closed processes in the system.

The tool to optimize plant processes.

The day planner is a tool for process planning on the base of the sequence table with predefined process operations. Each sequence is exactly timed. This program enables a coordinated control of all plant processes. Another advantage is that the plant capacity is optimized in advance.

The perfect desulphurization for your plant.

It does not matter if you prefer simple desulphurization via oxygen insertion by a desulphurization blower, iron (III) chloride dosing or by biological desulphurization – the desulphurization process is controlled by ınvılutıon in an optimal way.

Keep an eye on the process quality with gas analysis.

Gas analysis systems of different manufacturers can be connected with ınvılutıon preferably via MODBUS TCP. Thereby these analysis systems can be accessed and serviced from remote in full operation. The amount of material for feeding system can be adjusted as reaction on methane level. Desulphurization can be controlled on the basis of the H2S value. Gas analysis, normally measuring CH4, H2S, CO2 and O2 on different relevant positions of the plant give you information about the process quality.