invilution compost

Full control over your composting plant.

On the basis of long-term experience in composting plant projects we generated the product ınvılutıon compost. It combines the expertise developed over the years and the innovative technology of the system to the best solution for your plant.

Air inclusion is important for the material development. Two different automatic modes are available. Aeration can be controlled by using a frequency planner. Another important aspect is the cleanliness of the air. The ammonium scrubber is controlled by ınvılutıon for air purification. Exhaust air can be directed into a biofilter which is monitored and the temperature is regulated.

The composting process can only be efficient, if the temperatures are monitored continuously. No problem with wireless temperature measuring probes.

You can program the automatic irrigation system on long term basis with ınvılutıon. Additionally the whole water treatment is controlled and takes care that the right amount of water is at the right place.

It is important that the whole process of compost is visible in reports. An important tool is named batch tracking, which will actualize the data on every turning operation.