invilution compost

No matter if day or night – your material evolves excellent under the best conditions.

The control of the windrow blowers in automatic mode can base on measured temperatures or on time intervals.

In temperature mode the duration of the aeration process is influenced by the actual temperature. The temperature profile of the material can be controlled in detail. The measurement values can be gathered by our temperature probes directly in the material or by sensors in the aeration pipes.

The user defines regular times for run or pause in interval mode, the second possible automatic mode. The windrow blowers are running reliably at a preprogramed rhythm.

Our system plans and controls the aeration of your buildings.

You can define a specific frequency for a hall ventilator for a period of time. This function can also be used day and night operation, because often there is no need for significant aeration at night. But it is very important during the day, especially to improve the working conditions.

Cleaning the air from composting procedures. For you and for the environment.

Use the ammonia scrubber for air purification! The exhaust air from the windrows is cleaned by using acid, which is delivered by a pump from an acid tank. Additionally acidic water is added, which will clean the air by circulation. ınvılutıon controls the whole cleaning process and starts supporting measures under specific conditions.

Extend the life cycle of your biofilter!

The biofilter is a major part of a composting plant. This is why it is monitored exactly. Too high temperatures in the biofilter can destroy the filter material and the contained bacterium environment. To avoid this, the biofilter is cooled automatically, when the temperature is above the configured maximum.

An additional positive effect of this function is that the temperature of the biofilter is constantly monitored. By this protective function the life cycle of the biofilter is extended and the maintenance effort is minimized.

Discover the new generation of temperature measurement probes!

As a result of the wireless technology of our temperature measurement probes they can be placed freely and the material temperature can be measured with greater precision than ever before. Place the probe exactly where you need it and enjoy all advantages. Every temperature measurement probe delivers material temperatures for up to 5 layers in an adjustable interval.

Irrigate your material in a smooth way according to your planning.

The windrow irrigation is carried out automatically with ınvılutıon. For this purpose the actual values of the flow meter is the basis to calculate the effective irrigation quantity. Additionally daily target amounts can be stored in the system. The run and pause times are distributed autonomously throughout the whole day by the automatic function to reach the target amount.

The sufficient filling of the tanks of your plant should not be your problem!

ınvılutıon takes care about the sufficient water supply for the single processes of your plant. How this can be ensured by our system? It is possible to transfer water between the tanks because of different fill levels. Almost all the processes are handled automatically.

For early detection and immediate visualization of possible errors your plant is additionally monitored by sensors.

Simple tracking and verification of the actual material state.

It is necessary to set the plant into a specified operation state before starting a turning operation. You will only need to configure all parameters and ınvılutıon does the rest. All affected aggregates are switched into the desired state by the automatic mode. The same applies to filling and take out of the material. The user can perform these operations comfortably via a popup.