invilution success stories

Since the market introduction in 2011 numerous projects have been successfully implemented and the number is constantly rising.

The ınvılutıon-system is already in use in Europe, China, USA and South America.

Customer: AAT Biogas Technology
Location: South Carolina, USA
Commissioning: February 2013
Capacity: 1.6 Megawatt

Customer: Marktgemeinde Dunkelsteinerwald
Location: Gansbach, Austria
Commissioning: 2014

Customer: M-U-T
Location: Anqing, PR China
Commissioning: 2014
Capacity: 4500 cubic meters per hour

Customer: Compost Systems
Location: Puconci, Slovenia
Commissioning: February 2013
Capacity: 23000 tons per year

ınvılutıon worldwide in use.

The technology of ınvılutıon enables a full internationalization and thereby making it possible to use it regardless of the language.