invilution wastewater

All things new with ınvılutıon!

By using ınvılutıon you have the solution to upgrade your plant to the newest technologies. The hardware can be taken over partially and will be combined with new components. The control technology is up-to-date and ensures the smooth operation of your plant.

ınvılutıon is perfectly fitted for a retrofit of existing plants. This is simplified by the modular structure and hardware independence.

Pumps and agitators are operated automatically of course. The process of mechanical cleaning is also controlled by ınvılutıon.

Water quality and efficiency are the most important targets of a sewage plant. The optimal oxygenation is granted by the nitrification control. Unwanted bacteria will be removed by disinfection. Everything is constantly monitored by selected measurement technology.

Test result reports have to be created regularly as operator of a sewage plant. ınvılutıon offers a report function which can be adapted to your requirements.