invilution water

Your solution for an up-to-date plant!

Clean water is one of the biggest challenges of the future. ınvılutıon water is aimed for the international market and can be used worldwide. The most modern control systems also for small plants are essential for water quality.

An important issue for us is also that it is possible to use ınvılutıon for plant renewals. The link to existing solutions is supported by hardware independence and is a great advantage of ınvılutıon.

The ınvılutıon-system is perfectly suited for retrofit of existing plants. Big parts of the existing system can be adopted.

The automatic pumping feature ensures that the right amount of water is always on the right location. In this way smooth operation is preprogramed.

To guarantee the purity of water disinfection is important. This is the only way to make sure that the water quality is consistent with the requirements of the standard.

The single pumping processes can be organized in the software. They are available as processes and the basis of automatic plant operation.

There are different ways to reach the water quality. Dosing of chemicals will be carried out operation-optimized. The filtration system is regulated by ınvılutıon optimally. Impurities can be taken out by using the drainage function. By disinfection unwanted bacteria can be removed.

The filters can be cleaned regularly with the backwash functionality. This way they remain operational as long as possible.

Everything is monitored constantly by selected measurement technology.